Analysis Service

ProteomTech Inc. provides basic analysis to characteristic analysis services and is committed to satisfying customer needs.
We will do our best to produce the satisfying results through close consultation with customers.


1. Protein Identification
  • Introduction of the experiment

    Identification and identification of specific protein spots found in 1-DE band and 2-DE

  • Use LC-MS/MS (nano-UPLC & LTQ Orbitrap XL).

  • The taxonomy information of the sample is also required as an analysis method to determine what proteins are in the spot and band.

  • When requesting, you must consult with the person in charge of ProteomTech Inc. before shipping the sample.

2. Post-Translational Modification (PTM)
  • Introduction of the experiment

    Determine the location and deformation of the amino acid modified by modification

  • Accurate information on the modification to be analyzed as well as data confirming the modification before mass analysis is required.

  • Depending on the sample, the modification type and the degree of deformation are different, so it is necessary to consult the experiment before requesting.

3. Database matching
  • Introduction of the experiment

    If the sequence of protein is known, a database is produced and the presence or absence of the protein is checked by one analysis.

4. Label-free quantification (LFQ)
  • Introduction of the experiment

    When quantitative analysis between samples is required, relative quantitative analysis using samples in solution state

  • Check the relative quantitative value with the result from 3 repetitive analysis without labeling.