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Welcome to Proteomtech.

Since all the sequences of the human genome have been revealed, studies have been actively conducted to reveal the decoding, function, and interrelationship of the genes that these bases encode at the genome level.

However, the number of genes predicted is much lower than the amount of protein present in our body, and it is known that only 20-30% of the amount of genes transcribed and translated into actual proteins are correlated.

In this regard, Proteomtech was established to contribute to human welfare and human health by conducting research on the expression and transformation of proteins that are directly related to diseases at the proteom level, predicting diseases, early diagnosis, and further developing new drugs.

Future scholars predict that the bio industry will lead in the 21st century. Proteomtech took its first step toward becoming a leading company in the early 21st century with a pioneering spirit that pioneered the path that others did not take to play a leading role in this bio industry.

To achieve this dream, all Proteomtech researchers will take a step forward to achieve their dream by forming a network with team work and leading public and private research institutes at home and abroad.

ProteomeTech Inc CEO Lim Kook Jin